Collaborative Leadership Training

At Teleos, we define leadership as influencing others in the service of a shared purpose.  And, we believe that sustainable success requires effective leadership across all functions and levels.  To achieve this end, Teleos developed several unique leadership workshops under the banner of collaborative leadership training.

These workshops are unique because they…

  • teach a systematic approach to collaboration that is designed to build and manage commitment to action
  • teach a collaborative influence approach that any person can use to influence any audience
  • teach a practical approach to “difficult” conversations, such as performance management and conflict resolution, even with authority figures
  • help participants surface and address anxiety that can block execution of “difficult” conversations
  • use the Teleos Capability Development Model© to build strategic perspective in addition to skills

This series has two parts – Individual Contributor and People/Project Manager – and it includes the following workshops.  The workshops are delivered in a series of modules and will also be available online in 2013.

  • Individual Contributor series
    • Influence Collaboratively
    • Manage Performance Collaboratively
    • Resolve Conflicts Collaboratively
  • People/Project Manager series
    • Viewpoint Selling
    • Build Others’ Skills – technical and leadership
    • Build Others’ Strategic Perspective

When Is It Useful And Why

Collaborative Leadership Training is useful for teams and organizations facing these common challenges.

  • Translate business strategy into relevant actions and deliverables
  • Increase productivity, even in the face of declining resources
  • Improve performance and increase profitability by reducing errors and rework
  • Enhance your ability to influence all stakeholders, especially clients
  • Shift people from “order taker” to “strategic partners”

Roles and Responsibilities

Teleos will have the following responsibilities.

  • assess leadership development needs across the organization
  • jointly create a training plan
  • deliver high quality workshops that practice skills on real, current work cases
  • coach participants so they leave the workshop with new skills and perspective
  • help participants to surface and address the personal roadblocks to skill application

We also look for patterns across individuals and teams that might suggest organization-wide roadblocks to performance, and then work with participants and project sponsors to understand and address those roadblocks.

But the sponsors play a critical role too.

  • set clear expectations to learn and apply the skills
  • arrange time for participants to attend workshops
  • test and coach skill use on the job
  • reward effective development and application of skills
  • help remove organizational roadblocks to skill use

Expected Benefits

There are several benefits you will experience by sponsoring these workshops.

  • improve profitability, as it relates to customer experience and delivery performance
  • improve individual and team performance
  • reduce errors, rework and stalled projects
  • reduce risk related to performance problems
  • improve self-directed performance, aligned with business strategy
  • increase retention, as it relates to capability development and empowerment