Our Unique Approach

Do you want to get a better ROI on your organization’s talent development efforts? At Teleos Consulting, we’ve created a distinctive approach that links talent development directly with improved organization results.

Our unique solutions contribute to those results – including Strategic Performance Improvement™ programs, Collaborative Leadership© skills training, executive coaching and mentoring, building strategic perspective and skills.  However, even more important are our methods for overcoming the challenges that hinder performance improvement, by addressing the cultural and psychological reasons why these challenges exist

  • programs don’t relate to key business issues
  • programs ignore important skills, like how to influence your client or boss
  • people don’t get support for practicing and applying new skills, so they don’t apply them
  • managers avoid tough conversations needed to help people improve – for example, they avoid giving direct, descriptive, non-judgmental performance feedback
  • managers spend more time fighting fires than building skills

At Teleos, we’ve achieved uncommon success with improving organization performance by following these simple yet demanding principles.

  • build broad commitment about which skills are critical and why
  • tie programs to real work challenges, and minimize time off the job
  • use concrete language and provide simple, relevant tools
  • surface and address hidden fears that block growth
  • change conflicting messages and measures that block skill use
  • give managers the skills, tools, and reinforcement they need to coach and sustain success 

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