Be a Better Performance Coach – Ask, Don’t Tell

If you’re like most leaders, you have a picture in your head about the performance you want from your people, and you want to get them closer to that picture. When faced with a gap between how they actually perform and what you want, what do you do?  It’s likely that your first inclination is to tell the person – about how you see the situation, or what you believe they should be doing differently.  Of course you tell, right? You have a perspective you want them to get, and you see the opportunities for different approaches that you believe would be more effective. Furthermore, you probably believe that this […]

“Why Can’t I Get My Employees To … ?”

If you manage people, chances are that you have been frustrated, at one time or another, about some performance or behavior you want from your reports, but can’t get them to consistently display. You may want them to …   …suggest new ideas …make decisions and take responsibility …manage their own performance on an entire task without needing you to monitor and prod …think about how their actions and choices will affect others downstream …give you authentic feedback about how your behavior affects them   If you’ve tried to manage your frustration by exhorting your reports – “Why can’t you just do x?” or “I need you to do x!” […]

Implied Expectations

What are they and why are they dangerous for you and your organization? Often, I hear employees talk about “implied expectations.” This phrase typically comes up when a person doesn’t meet your expectations, and you are surprised and even disappointed. I hear many people say things like “I can’t believe he missed that, he must have known it was part of the job,” or “with his experience, I expected him to know what to do,” or “he has the title and pay, so he really should really know how to do the job.” Each of these comments suggests an implied, unspoken expectation. An implied expectation is the belief that, because […]