What Your Feedback To Others Says About You

Do you value giving feedback to your reports and other co-workers? Have you been told that feedback is an effective managerial tool that you should be using more? Do certain of your co-workers’ behaviors concern you, and you want to give them feedback? Here are typical stories from two managers, Joe and Diane:   Joe was frustrated about the performance of his direct report, Karen. Karen was expected to use a particular project planning tool with clients, but her habit in client meetings was to mechanistically walk through the tool instead of using it as a starting point for dialogue as Joe intended. Joe said, “I’ve really got to give […]

Make Sure Your Strengths Don’t Become Weaknesses

Do you want to improve as a leader? Conventional wisdom will tell you, “build on your strengths, compensate for your weaknesses.” But there’s more to it than that. Think about what you believe are your biggest leadership strengths – the qualities you trust and rely on, what others have said they admire most about you. Are you strategically brilliant? visionary? nurturing? Now think about your biggest weaknesses – the things you don’t like to do, don’t do well, find frustrating – or the things others find frustrating about you. I’ll bet you find that your weaknesses are the flip side of your strengths. If you’re strategically brilliant … you may […]