Land Your First Job, Prep for Career Success

Last Sunday was graduation in my town. There was the expected hoopla – families and parties everywhere, traffic jams, and crowds at every restaurant. And, there was one uninvited though not unexpected guest – anxiety about finding a job. The Atlantic recently offered a good analysis of the current market for grads. The conclusions were clear – unemployment is higher than normal, underemployment is prevalent, with an uncertain future tied to whatever passes for economic recovery. In short, prospects for that first job are difficult, unless you have one of a few valuable, scarce skill sets. That said, I believe that there are several steps that COULD help you land […]

I’m 30, have an MBA, been here 5 years, why am I not a VP?

If you work in HR, you’ve almost certainly heard a question like this one, and maybe even struggled to come up with a solid response. One of my senior HR clients recently asked me to help him respond to a similar question from his leadership team colleagues – “We have several directors with 5-10 years’ experience who want to know when they will be VPs – so what do we tell them?” Historically, titles and compensation were tied to specific roles, and promotion was available only when that role was vacated, or when similar new roles were created – the classic hierarchical model. Recently, this model has begun to change, […]