Be a Better Performance Coach – Ask, Don’t Tell

If you’re like most leaders, you have a picture in your head about the performance you want from your people, and you want to get them closer to that picture. When faced with a gap between how they actually perform and what you want, what do you do?  It’s likely that your first inclination is to tell the person – about how you see the situation, or what you believe they should be doing differently.  Of course you tell, right? You have a perspective you want them to get, and you see the opportunities for different approaches that you believe would be more effective. Furthermore, you probably believe that this […]

How Do You Decide Where to Spend Your Time?

It’s one of the most common challenges we work with leaders on. What should I be spending my time on? What are the most important activities for me? And, your default impulse on these questions may very well be wrong. If you don’t intentionally choose what to focus on, you will continually be reactive and likely not addressing the most important demands of your role. Leaders often choose their focus based on the following criteria:   What I have always focused on We know from decades of research on management “derailment” that, as a manager moves up in the organization, strengths can become weaknesses. People who are really good at […]

I’m 30, have an MBA, been here 5 years, why am I not a VP?

If you work in HR, you’ve almost certainly heard a question like this one, and maybe even struggled to come up with a solid response. One of my senior HR clients recently asked me to help him respond to a similar question from his leadership team colleagues – “We have several directors with 5-10 years’ experience who want to know when they will be VPs – so what do we tell them?” Historically, titles and compensation were tied to specific roles, and promotion was available only when that role was vacated, or when similar new roles were created – the classic hierarchical model. Recently, this model has begun to change, […]

How to Improve Your ROI on Capability Development

According to the ASTD, US corporations spent over 150 BILLION DOLLARS on employee learning and development in 2011.  This figure translated into just under $1,200 per employee, which doesn’t include the costs of an average of 31 hours’ training time.  Unfortunately, while this money was being spent, US productivity DECLINED during the first half of 2011, with a modest second-half rebound and zero real growth for the year.  If I were a CTO (Chief Talent Officer), I would have a difficult time justifying this expense, with such a poor return.   At Teleos, we spend a lot of our time designing and delivering capability development solutions, and we expect those […]