Mentor Match Me

If you like the idea of mentoring but think that mentoring programs too often fall short of their true potential, then please read on. For more information, go to the MentorMatchMe website.

Typical Mentoring Pitfalls

  • mismatch of style and/or skills
  • conversations often drift, stall, or focus on the wrong issues
  • mentors provide “advice” or “networking”
  • mentees struggle to get relevant information
  • mentees struggle to apply the information they get
  • conversations can fail to build independent capability
  • traditional programs typically don’t track progress

Why MentorMatchMe Succeeds

You get the best match for skills and style regardless of geography

Conversations rarely drift or stall, because they are focused on a specific challenge, and because the program provides clear, simple steps to stay on-track.

Conversations get to the fundamental issues that block success, because participants explore deeper questions like stakeholders’ interests and how to respond to likely resistance.

Mentees will understand and apply the information they get, because mentors are given tools and tips for how to translate their ideas and coach implementation.

Conversations will help build independent capability, because mentors will get support building their coaching skills, allowing them to move beyond giving solutions or direction.

Organization can measure impact, because sponsors can track participants’ progress through the process and also see actual work products.