Teleos Consulting has been helping progressive leaders build sustainable organizational success since 1991.   Our founding partners Joan Kofodimos and Kyle Dover were selected to consult on the nationally-known General Electric WorkOut and Change Acceleration Programs, created by Jack Welch to transform G.E.

Our company was designed to build on the lessons of that project and to create an approach to leadership development that could enable sustainable success. Teleos consultants coach individual executives and senior management teams on ways to create sustainable success through building organizational capability and then aligning that capability with business strategy.

Since our founding, Teleos Consulting has worked with hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of managers leading world-class brands.  Our proven and measurable success has enabled these individuals and organizations to overcome the common roadblocks to success.

Today, our approach is unique, and specifically designed to serve the needs of progressive leaders. Our executive coaching process is based on more than 30 years of research into leaders’ skills and style. Our collaborative leadership training series delivers practical yet powerful skills to improve performance at all levels. Finally, our unique approach to capability development enables the alignment of all performance and talent systems, plus the rapid development of strategic perspective and skills.