About Teleos

Building strategic leaders who create sustainable success.

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Teleos Consulting enables individuals and organizations to overcome common roadblocks and create sustainable success.  We enable this success in three critical ways.

First – as the result of nearly three decades of consulting and research – we have developed an approach to build strategic perspective and skills systematically, an approach we can implement with any client.  This step is critical because sustainable success depends on strategic leaders who can translate strategy into action and results, resolve conflicts and problems, manage performance in a collaborative style, and (most important) assess capability and help build the next generation of leaders.

Second, we teach skills needed for real, not superficial, collaboration.  For us, real collaboration is not what you do but how you do it, a style of working with only one goal –gaining commitment to action.  This step is critical because sustainable success requires individual commitment; it cannot ever be achieved through control or coercion.  But, to gain such commitment from others, you need uncommon skills to surface and address conflicts and roadblocks that most people choose to avoid.

Third, we help organization leaders align performance and talent management systems with business strategy.  This step is critical because sustainable success requires more than effective individual leadership, it also requires systems and tools that transcend individual skills or style, and that will live beyond the generation of strategic leaders who created them.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that sustainable success requires effective leadership across all organization levels.
  • We teach collaborative leadership skills, which are designed to build the conscious commitment to action required for sustainable success.
  • We build strategic perspective in addition to skills, which provide the leverage to improve performance across the organization.
  • We enable people to overcome PERSONAL roadblocks to MORE EFFECTIVE leadership.