ANYONE CAN LEAD: Introducing the ACL Toolkit

Anyone can lead. Even if you read that statement and think “no way,” please read on. Are you a person who always saw someone else is the leader? Do you believe that you cannot or should not lead? Have you ever stopped yourself from acting because you were concerned about others’ reactions? If so, you are not alone.

More than ever, organizations need people like you to step up and lead. Most important “leadership” behavior typically happens outside the sight of “leaders.” If you want to increase success – for you and your organization – you need to start leading every day on small but crucial tasks, such as…

  • clarifying goals
  • surfacing and resolving conflicts that block progress
  • determining the causes of off-track performance, and getting it back on track
  • helping others learn and apply new skills – especially leadership skills.

We understand why you may not be ready to step up yet, but our goal is to enable every person who chooses to lead. At Teleos Consulting, we know that leadership is a collection of simple skills that anyone can learn and apply. As with any skills, some people can and will learn more than others, and some will apply those skills to greater effect. However, everyone can learn to lead – IF they are willing to change old thinking, IF they are willing to learn and apply new skills, and (most important) IF they are willing to deal with the resistance they will get from others who don’t want them to lead.

To help you get started, we are going to create a “toolkit” for all you new leaders. In addition to our other posts about all topics related to leadership, we will post a series of blogs on all the simple skills you need to get started as a leader. The blogs can be found in the ACL Toolkit.

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