Strategic Talent Alignment

At Teleos, we believe that sustainable success requires more than simply good strategy or leadership.  It also requires leaders to align the capability and commitment of the broader organization with the strategy.  Many people believe that it’s not possible to align talent out to the individual level.  At Teleos, we believe that talent alignment is not only possible — it’s essential.

Strategic Talent Alignment projects are always customized for the specific organization.  However, most of these projects follow a similar process.

  • assess current organizational alignment with strategy, and note potential misalignments
  • define competencies and measures that link talent and performance management with strategy
  • adapt individual talent and performance processes as needed, and also create any new processes as needed
  • design and implement individual alignment activities, coaching team leaders on project execution
  • evaluate impact by comparing actual performance and employee feedback with expected results

When to Use Strategic Talent Alignment and Why

Strategic Talent Alignment enables organizations to link individual performance with organization strategy.  As a result, it is useful at all stages of an organization’s life cycle – at start-up, through growth and optimization, and also during renewal or repositioning.  It is particularly useful in organizations where talent is the primary product of the business.

Roles and Responsibilities

Virtually all of the activities described above are done jointly, with a team comprised of organization leaders and Teleos consultants.  We will provide simple yet robust assessment methods, and unique processes for systems alignment.  We also provide collaborative facilitation and coaching for working team members.   Organization sponsors must define the business strategy in organization terms and also appoint project team members who have the strategic perspective and skills needed to plan and execute the alignment process.

Expected Benefits

If your organization completes a strategic talent alignment process, you should expect to see the following significant benefits.

  • improved individual performance
  • improved talent management, especially with the selection and development of people with strategic perspective
  • deeper leadership bench strength
  • better retention of key talent