Executive Coaching


At Teleos, we believe that how you lead is deeply rooted in your personal style, a style that has been reinforced by years of success.  Also, we see coaching as the process of building another person’s independent capability for action, in the service of a shared purpose.  Therefore, the goal for our executive coaching is to develop your leadership across several different yet related levels, with all actions designed to build new capability leading to sustainable success.

Following are some of these critical actions.

  • provide insight into your current style, strengths and limitations
  • clarify both individual and organizational purpose, to align action with purpose
  • broaden perspective on your role, and challenge any assumptions that keep you stuck in ways of behaving that you know don’t work
  • train and coach you to apply the Teleos collaborative leadership skills
  • change others’ existing perceptions of your style
  • enable you to self-manage your own development process

When to Use Coaching and Why

The Teleos executive coaching process can be useful in several situations.

The most common situation is to help a leader develop the perspective and skills needed to address some strategic challenge, such as implementing a new business strategy or function, taking on a broader role, increasing strategic influence with senior clients or colleagues, building and empowering a new team, or addressing a specific performance problem that’s been surfaced by others.

We also use coaching with leadership teams seeking to achieve a common goal.  Coaches are paired with each team member, to develop strategic perspective and skills in the context of that goal.  This approach is delivered in conjunction with other team activities, such as strategy implementation or organization design.

Finally, Teleos coaches also work with leaders who attend our Collaborative Leadership training, to help them use and coach the skills on the job, and to help them overcome common roadblocks to successful skill use.

Roles and Responsibilities

A Teleos executive coaching project will run from 6-12 months, and Teleos will be responsible for the following tasks.

  • manage contracting with key stakeholders
  • obtain and report extensive, candid, and confidential feedback about your leadership actions and impact
  • jointly create a concrete action plan, so that you have a clear roadmap for change
  • coach development of new perspective and skills, in the context of your real work challenges
  • jointly create a plan to influence your colleagues so they see your new style and engage with you in a more effective way

Because of our extreme commitment to confidentiality and our deep understanding of your style, you will always have a safe relationship where you can discuss difficult workplace issues and also surface and address personal roadblocks that may hinder your success.

However, the client must also play a vital role in the project’s success.

  • share your goals with key stakeholders
  • make the time for coaching-related activities, including weekly coaching conversations
  • bring your concrete work goals and challenges to those conversations, along with your personal values, beliefs, and concerns
  • openly share any project concerns directly with your coach
  • share your development plans and progress with key stakeholders

Expected Benefits

Leaders who participate in the Teleos coaching process are more self-aware about their own style, strengths and limits, so that they can build on their strengths and compensate for their limits.  They operate from a more strategic perspective, clearly focused on the critical elements of their role and less overwhelmed by crises.  They experience improved relationships and increased influence with clients and colleagues.  They have increased skill for developing others’ capability and for managing their own development.  And, as an added benefit, many leaders report a positive impact on their personal lives as well.