Who We Serve And How

At Teleos we focus on helping progressive leaders build sustainable organizational success.

Teleos Consulting engages with global organizations across all sectors.  This includes past and current clients such as Pfizer, MetLife, Rolls-Royce, Merck, Sapient, GE Aircraft Engines, Hewlett Packard, Starwood Hotels, NBT Bank, and AstraZeneca.

Our services are unique, and specifically designed to serve the needs of progressive leaders.  Our executive coaching process is based on 30 years of research into leaders’ skills and style. Our collaborative leadership training series delivers practical yet powerful skills to improve performance at all levels. Finally, our unique approach to capability development enables the alignment of all performance and talent systems, plus the rapid development of strategic perspective and skills.

Our Philosophy

At Teleos Consulting we have a fundamental philosophy:

  • We believe that sustainable success requires effective leadership across all organization levels.
  • We teach collaborative leadership skills, which are designed to build the conscious commitment to action required for sustainable success.
  • We build strategic perspective in addition to skills, which provide the leverage to improve performance across the organization.
  • We enable people to overcome personal roadblocks to more effective leadership.