You just heard NO to your Great Idea.
So, what do you do now?

You had a Great Idea. You read our blog on how to sell your idea (“Why can’t those people see that this is a great idea?”). You put together a great story to sell your Great Idea – but you just heard NO! And, you heard it from your boss or from the “senior” client on your project. The easy path would be to accept that no, step back, and then follow the new direction you expect to receive. That response is always the easy path, but is it the best path for you and your organization? Probably not! In our firm, we share a fundamental belief that anyone can […]

Why can’t those people see that this is a Great Idea?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “this is a great idea, why can’t those people see it?” If so, and if you failed to convince those people to support that idea, then I want to discuss how you can describe your ideas so others will understand and value them. In a previous blog, my partner Joan talked about why being “smart” is overrated. One characteristic she described was how smart people become attached to their definition of the “best” or “right” answer. One of the primary reasons for this attachment is that they develop answers from their own viewpoint – using facts, assumptions, and interests that are relevant for them. […]

How to be a Strategic HR Business Partner to Your Clients

If you’re in HR, you may be familiar with this common lament – “We want to stop being treated like a pair of hands and start being treated like a strategic business partner.” You want your clients to listen to your advice, to include you in strategic conversations, to seek your input before embarking on major initiatives. You want to have influence over your clients’ decisions and actions. But what do you do when you get an audience with a senior client? Do you take some solution or product that you want your client to buy into – perhaps it’s team coaching, action learning, employee engagement, or some kind of […]