Ideas And Insights

Coaching in business has come a long way! Once used primarily to deal with problem employees, this powerful tool for building strategic effectiveness and supporting executives through career transitions has become a badge of status for today’s high-potential leaders.

At Teleos, we’ve been producing some of the most innovative and in-depth tools for executive leadership for more than 20 years.  Our insights and ideas build strategic effectiveness and support executives through career transitions.

Some of the things we’re working on include:

The Anyone Can Lead Blog
Your organization needs you to ask difficult questions about proposals, to clarify ambiguous goals, to surface and resolve conflicts that block progress, and to help others learn and apply new skills – especially leadership skills. We understand why you may choose not to step up today, but our goal is to enable everyone who wants to make the choice to step up and lead.  The Anyone Can Lead Blog is built to help you develop the simple yet powerful set of leadership skills that anyone can learn and apply – provided you are willing to change the way you think about yourself and the people around you.

MentorMatchMe Website

At Teleos Consulting, we want to help individuals build the perspective and skills needed to achieve their personal and professional goals.

One of our founding partners – Joan Kofodimos – played a leading role in the development of the first executive coaching process in 1982. Across the years, we have built on her experience to develop simple yet powerful tools to assess and build capability, remove roadblocks to implementation, and measure improvements in capability and performance.

We have proved the value of these tools during our client engagements, but we have always wanted to find some way to bring them to a broader audience – and now we have. Teleos Consulting has joined forces with MentorMatchMe to deliver our unique, collaborative coaching and leadership skills training through an internet based solution. We are working together to overcome the typical problems people encounter with mentoring programs, and provide easy-to-use roadmaps and discussion guides that will help mentors and mentees work together effectively.

Books & Articles
Joan, Kyle and the team draw on nearly 30 years of pioneering work in the field to deliver some of the most well respected thought leadership in the field.